Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Tide is High or Turning or something else that is Good

Well now, I started a post yesterday about whether or not what we write is what we mean and the power of interpretation but I didn't finish it . . . perhaps one day but not today.

Today is a day to write about the twinkling, inkling of possible good things.  So, Brad decided that one night away was just not enough and so now our little family is going away for two whole nights of family fun!  I am excited to start taking trips with the kidlets and letting them experience the world outside of our neighbourhood.

Okay, okay so we are only heading to Niagara Falls . . .  which is only 2 hours or so away from our home . . . but still it is away.  Also, what better a place to introduce the kids to some of the more cheesy aspects of travel!  We will be tourists, not travellers, and we will have a great time.  I really want to actually travel with the kids one day . . . someday . . . when we have money . . . heavy sigh.

I believe the added night was to celebrate.  You see, Brad found out that he has been hired by the local Board of Education.  Yes that wind the just blew across your cheek was me finally exhaling. The position is a contract to teach courses at the continuing education center so there is a possibility that is might not be full time but it is a foot into the Board and a pay cheque. 

I would be lying if I didn't say that I am still a nervous nelly.  I am a big fan of full time positions that you know for certain will bring in a pay cheque year after year.  I know, I know many people work on contracts and do just fine.  So while I am still fretting a wee bit, I am also ever so proud of Brad for keeping me from totally loosing my high stressed mind  . . . and for finding another job quickly.

The kids will be able to enjoy more time with their dad this summer . . . like they were able to do with me last summer.  They will hit the zoo and the cottage.  They will relax at the library . . . well, once I show Brad where it is. Sorry hun but it had to be said.  They will also spend some time at their daycare while daddy works on some odd jobs. 

I am really looking forward to this little trip.  A break from our routine is just what all of us need! I am also looking forward to taking nice long weekends in the summer and just doing stuff with my little family!  All in all, it is shaping up to be a great summer . . . things are such much brighter than they were a couple of months ago.  Now if only I could find it in me to like my job again . . . hum, that might be asking too much.

What is the biggest thing that you have done to celebrate events with your family? 



  1. Have fuuun!
    Don't try the barrel idea.
    But, do say hi to the freaks at Ripley's - they're my peeps. LOL

  2. I love Ripley's - such a fine example of cheesy tourist trap!
    I had considered the barrel and then thought people just might judge me as parent and I am just so sick of failing the masses! ;)

  3. How cool though that Niagra falls is only 2 hours from your house. It would take me several days to drive there. :) Close vacations are nice because they aren't as expensive but you do still get to get away. I hope you have a great time!

  4. Good news all round then, enjoy that extra night away. Might seem a bit extra to organise but just remember the kids will fit around things with out any problems...


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